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How It Works

The Controllable Flush allows you to save up to 67% of the water that is presently flushed down your toilet by controlling how much water is used for each flush. Push the handle down for liquid waste, and you only use a fraction of the water normally flushed down your toilet. Push the handle up to get a normal flush for solid waste.

The Controllable Flush installs in less than 5 minutes, with no tools required! Watch the videos below to see how the product works, and view an installation demonstration on Good Day Oregon.

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Watch The 5-Minute Easy-Installation, No-Tools Required Video

The Down-flush

Push the handle DOWN and hold for a few seconds, and you flush only about 1.5 gallons, saving money and hundreds of gallons of water each month.

The Up-flush

Pull the handle UP to get a standard flush. The Controllable Flush is designed to work with toilets with 3.5-, 5- or 7-gallon tanks. Pulling the handle UP utilizes your toilet tank’s full capacity.

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