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“This product rocks! Easy to purchase, easy to install, and easy to use! Way more cost effective than a low flow toilet, and nothing beats a product that is made in America!”
– A.M. (Sacramento, California)

“American Ingenuity is back! I’m not only saving the environment but am saving money as well. This product works so well I have installed them in all my rental units.”
– A.W. (Seattle, Washington)

“This dual flush handle installs easily with a pair of pliers. The hardest part was re-training the brain to push down and count to 3. Almost all flushes can use the short flush which only uses 1/4 of the water in my tank. Next challenge is training guests on it’s use without doing a demo every time. Contemplating a small sign with instructions. Have already recommended to friends and family.”
– J.D. (Ft Meyers, Florida)

“I’m not a handy person with tools, but the installation of my dual flush device was very simple and I was shocked to discover how much I am saving on my sewer bill. Thank you Athena!”
– T.B. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

“Our family has tried other low flow toilet flushers that are on the market, but only Athena’s Dual-Flush Toilet kit satisfied us. Very easy to install and instantly saves money on our sewer bill each month.”
– W.S. (Springfield, Illinois)

“This product is the best home improvement investment I have made. For mere pocket change I am saving thousands on my water bill every year. Thanks to whomever invented this miracle dual flush toilet device!”
– S.F. (Phoenix, Arizona)

“Wishing you had a dual-flush toilet? You might not need one. You can save hundreds of gallons of water (and money) each year with this wonderful flusher. The “conserve” flush, which is handy when all you need to flush away is liquid, lasts as long as you hold down the handle. (After a few “conserve” flushes you’ll figure out the optimal hold-down time for flushing away liquid–about 3 seconds on my toilet.) The “full” flush is a regular-volume flush that works the same way as an ordinary flush on a typical (American) toilet. This flusher is a fantastic product, and far cheaper than a dual-flush toilet!”
– K.T. (Bakersfield, California)

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