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Controllable Flush: ChromePrice  $29.95QTY 


Controllable Flush Handle: Chrome

Looking for a new dual flush toilet handle to save water, resources, and money?

The new Controllable Flush handle allows you to save up to 67% of the water that is presently flushed down your toilet by controlling how much water is used for each flush.

The Controllable Flush handle by Athena is also available in Ceramic White.

  1. The Controllable Flush installs in less than 5 minutes, with no tools required. WATCH NOW!
  2. Once installed, simply push the handle down for liquid waste, and you only use a fraction of the water normally flushed down your toilet.
  3. Push the handle up to get a normal flush for solid waste.

To see a full demonstration of how the product works and installs, click here to see our product featured on Good Day Oregon.

Athena Controllable Flush Handles are available in Chrome and White. The easy-to-install toilet handles are packaged individually for consumers, and bulk packaging of eight (8) handles for multi-unit property owners. Warehouse and Retail-Box stores are encouraged to contact us for wholesale pricing.


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